Hi. This is my shitty blog where I mostly "review" video games, movies, books and sometimes write commentary vaguely related to current events.

I make no effort to be professional, I whine like an autistic child about the smallest things, and couldn't care less about objectivity. However, I try not to do things which most mainstream critics and journalists do that make their opinion worthless to me, and to emulate the things they do right, so that hopefully, my audience will find my ramblings helpful at best and entertaining at worst. I also tend to delude myself into believing I have an "audience".

And if you happen to have comments, feel free to post them, as if that wasn't obvious already.

Sometimes I do multi-part reviews. When reading these, at the bottom there should be a list of labels. When reading a part of my, say, Skyrim review, click on the Skyrim label. You'll get all the Review parts as well as some Skyrim related posts... Read from oldest to newest. If Blogger allowe you to search for more than one label, otherwise you could combine "review" and "skyrim" and be done with it, but it doesn't. Sorry about that.

I'm one just one guy in a basement with a day job, so don't expect timeliness or comprehensiveness. I'll write about stuff that's years old if I feel it's sufficiently unknown and/or remarkable. That said, I do take requests, so if you have something you want me to review (or otherwise write about), let me know and maybe I'll do it.

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