17 January 2012

Castle Story, or, oh shit did these guys make a Dwarf Fortress with actual graphics!?

You have little guys. In a 3D world of floating islands. Which you can make them dig. And tell them to build castles. They fill up stockpiles with dug up earth and when a block is full it becomes bricks and you can use the bricks to build walls but you must build stairs or they won't be able to climb and also there's explosions and physics and...

Oh my god, I sound like a retarded child. But god fucking dammit, just try watching this without ejaculating forcefully:

It's called Castle Story.

That's the good news. Bad news is, you can't download Castle Story yet. They don't seem keen on releasing a quick alpha. It's a two-man team so maybe with enough demand they will... That would be so glorious! But anyway, their expressed attitude seems to be "we want to make a great game and not release before it's fun" with the implication that bugs and incomplete features != fun. Oh well.

I hope they don't repeat the failures of Minecraft with the same cavalier attitude to discarding planned features. Coming with a proper slicing function to see inside tunnels properly will make loads of difference, as will proper fluids (like dorfort did, cellular automata or bust baby) and sufficiently detailed production chains.

I'm also not asking for DF-level creature diversity, but pulling a Notch and adding like 5 enemies would be... Oh who am I kidding, I would still derive hours of orgasmic pleasure out of it, especially if they were actually unique mechanics-wise like Minecraft's enemies. But still, a few dozens of enemies, maybe some harpies and dragons and burrowing worms... Oh god, I'm getting hard just thinking about it.

Goddammit Sauropod! Release a beta already! I will hunt you down and whip you until you have a playable build!


  1. i agree, i don't mind having an unfinished version, all they already have seems great already!

  2. omg someone finally does it.. RELEASE IT NOW!