17 January 2012

Goblin Camp

So, I saw this video:

And now I must play this. What can I say? It's dorfort with an interface. I'm a sucker for dorfort with interface. I hope there's a tileset out there... Not much of an ASCII fan, really.

If anyone has ideas/suggestion/stuff they want me to check out, feel free to let me know.

1 comment:

  1. i tried playing this but its not really good and the maker wanted to make "the game df shouldve been" but he doesnt update it and its very shallow and buggy as it is. youre constantly harassed by raids which progressively get harder and you cannot make walls till the end tier of the game. everything isnt open to you at the start like df, here its like say an rts game where you slowly move through tiers of buildings.
    the game doesnt have a huge element to it either you farm and stockpile then mine at the end and thats it. the farms break halfway through the game for some reason and your farmers refuse to plant seeds. ill stick to df with genesis or masterwork mods.