11 February 2013

All you assholes who put "Preferences" under "Edit" - fuck you!

Go to hell.
You know how those smug cunts keep putting "Preferences" under "Edit"? I hate those bastards.

I know what their narcissistic little brains are thinking: "Oh, you EDIT the PREFERENCES of the program, don't you? So let's put it under Edit, the menu with operations for basic manipulation of the data you are working on! I mean, it has "edit" in the name, it "technically" belongs there, doesn't it?"

Fuck you. No it doesn't. Edit is the LAST place I would look. It doesn't make any sense! File, Options, Miscellaneous, Windows, Help, those maybe but fucking Edit? Are you serious?

Hey, hey, I've got an idea: What if I just want to VIEW the preferences? Huh, smart guy? Why don't you put them under View?

Oh, and, the help function too. I mean, I just wanna, uh, VIEW the documentation, right?

And why don't you put them ALL under one big menu, called "Do"? Huh? And maybe another menu, called please? It never hurts to be polite!

I hate you all.

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